WOW Logistics® Hires Director of Marketing Communications

December 7, 2022 Published by Becky Vosters

WOW Logistics® recently hired Bonnie Miller Des Jardins as Director of Marketing Communications.

Prior to WOW Logistics, Miller Des Jardins successfully led marketing and sales teams within the manufacturing, healthcare, trucking, and distribution industries. Throughout her career, she led the development and execution of marketing initiatives to support the needs of the customer while also supporting each organization’s business goals.

As Director of Marketing Communications, Miller Des Jardins is responsible for strategic direction of projects that support company growth and objectives. She will also lead customer education initiatives and develop new business opportunities.

“We have an incredible Marketing team at WOW Logistics,” said Miller Des Jardins. “I want to compliment the expertise that resides within the team while also leveraging existing strengths and skillsets.”

Short-term, Miller Des Jardins will immerse herself in WOW’s service offerings to build a thorough understanding of each strategic business unit so she can drive innovation and maximize effectiveness.

“The drive and commitment each person at WOW has to our customers is incredible. What is equally impressive is WOW’s commitment to supporting and developing employees to attain their highest potential. I am truly honored to work for such an extraordinary organization,” said Miller Des Jardins.

Miller Des Jardins’s long-term goals are to develop a strategy to increase visibility of key initiatives within the organization and to analyze customers’ needs to create an approach that aligns the appropriate solution.

“Bonnie has an exceptional understanding of how strategic initiatives fit within an overarching vision,” said Howard Kamerer, CEO and Chairman. “We’re lucky to have an exceptional marketing team and, under Bonnie’s leadership, WOW will see an accelerated growth of our marketing efforts that will push the company to a heightened level of awareness.”

About WOW Logistics®
WOW Logistics is a nationally recognized integrated supply chain solutions provider with unparalleled expertise storing and handling food-grade products. Our solution set includes warehousing, transportation, contract operations, supply chain consulting, build-to-lease storage facilities, and our inventory financing solution, the WOW COMMODITY PURCHASE PROGRAM®. We excel at combining our services to create customized solutions that drive efficiency within our customers' supply chains.

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