WOW Logistics® Hires Chief Commercial Officer

February 6, 2023 Published by Becky Vosters

On Monday, February 6, WOW Logistics® welcomed Thomas Clark as Chief Commercial Officer.

Prior to WOW Logistics, Clark held various roles with Faith Technologies, Inc. including President – Solutions, Executive Vice President – Preconstruction, Marketing Director, and, most recently, Chief Experience Officer/Executive Vice President – Sales and Marketing. He led internal communication initiatives to drive culture, drove sales processes and accountability, and developed a forecasting methodology for services and product businesses.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Clark is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of WOW Logistics. He will ensure annual sales goal attainment, manage the sales forecasting process, develop and implement annual sales goals, and oversee effective movement of opportunities through the sales cycle.

“I am excited to leverage my background to develop go-to-market strategies that enhance the existing tactics WOW utilizes today,” said Clark. “This will allow us to efficiently achieve our goals.”

To start, Clark will focus on developing a thorough understanding of WOW’s business and personnel so he can optimize processes, generate new ideas, and maximize overall effectiveness.

“I’m eager to collaborate with the WOW team to elevate and enhance customer-centric experiences at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey,” said Clark.

Long-term, Clark’s goal is to utilize his fresh perspective to ensure the right resources are in place to support a focused customer approach and drive company growth.

“Tom brings more than 20 years of experience in sales and marketing to the company,” said Howard Kamerer, CEO and Chairman. “His guidance will be pivotal in the integrated commercial success of WOW Logistics.”

About WOW Logistics®
WOW Logistics is a nationally recognized integrated supply chain solutions provider with unparalleled expertise storing and handling food-grade products. Our solution set includes warehousing, transportation, contract operations, supply chain consulting, build-to-lease storage facilities, and our inventory financing solution, the WOW COMMODITY PURCHASE PROGRAM®. We excel at combining our services to create customized solutions that drive efficiency within our customers' supply chains.

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