Supply Chain Health Check

A supply chain is a complex network of infrastructure, people, processes, and systems that develops organically over time. For this reason, supply chains require regular inspections to maintain efficiency. However, when logistics is not a company’s core competency, regular check-ins on a supply chain’s productivity can be neglected due to a lack of time, expertise, and analytical tools.

WOW’s Solution

Through WOW Logistics® consulting services,  our team of engineers analyze supply chains to uncover inefficiencies. Areas of analysis include warehousing and distribution, transportation management, facility layout, and logistics technology.

Following the analysis, we produce a report outlining factors significantly impacting performance, including:

  • Material flow and efficiencies
  • Shipping and receiving processes
  • Order picking
  • Inventory control
  • Layout and racking configurations
  • Personnel and product safety
  • Use of technology and equipment, and more.

The final report is a detailed roadmap that identifies opportunities for improvement, as well as how those opportunities should be prioritized based on an estimated ROI and capital/resource requirements. Our customer can then tackle the recommended improvements themselves or enlist our team of engineers to help with implementation.

Regularly recruiting a logistics expert to identify inefficiencies within your supply chain sets the stage for continuous improvement and growth within your organization.

Network Analysis

A supply chain network is a complicated system with hundreds of variables impacting efficiency. One misplaced link could cause expenses to skyrocket. Unfortunately, many companies lack access to industry-specific software to analyze their supply chain. Similarly, network analyses are labor intensive, and companies often cannot spare additional resources to manage them.

WOW Logistics has the people, processes, systems, and tools to thoroughly analyze a company’s warehouse locations, transportation lanes, and more. Our team of experts carefully examine the supply chain network to identify inefficiencies and propose strategic, cost-saving solutions. On average, our analyses result in a 10 percent savings in total supply chain costs for the customer.

Warehouse Layout Design

The racking layout within a warehouse significantly impacts the operation’s efficiency; however, many companies lack the internal expertise and tools to make informed decisions about racking arrangements and types. Because of their knowledge in warehouse operations, WOW Logistics engineers are uniquely qualified to create warehouse layouts that yield the most efficient results.

By understanding our customer’s product specs, inventory volumes, and picking characteristics, WOW Logistics’ engineering team can create multiple layout designs for our customers in CAD. The storage capacity, MHE requirements, racking type, handling efficiencies, and other operational implications are identified in each plan, empowering the customer to make a decision that best fits the needs of their business.

Warehouse and Inventory Strategy

When warehousing is not a company’s expertise, it can be challenging to develop a strategy that fits the needs of the business while maximizing efficiency.

By looking at a company’s inventory data, receiving and shipping needs, workflows, and available warehouse space, WOW Logistics’ engineers develop recommendations on how to strategically utilize open space, including where to store and ship certain goods.

This analysis includes:

  • Comparison of onsite versus offsite product storage
  • Where and how to store raw materials (RM) versus work in progress (WIP) goods
  • Evaluation of onsite versus offsite order fulfillment, and more