Flexible 3PL Warehousing Solutions

Managing a warehouse is anything but simple. The task requires high fixed costs from initial expenses, such as buildings, material handling equipment (MHE), racking, etc., and complex technology such as a warehouse management system (WMS) and an electronic data interface (EDI). Additionally, variable costs such as labor, benefits, utilities, and asset maintenance drive expenses even higher. Unfortunately, the challenges don’t stop there—running a warehouse without expertise can consume staff responsibilities, drain resources, and compromise inventory.

WOW’s Solution
Food Safety Standards

What are
3PL warehousing services?

Companies require affordable storage solutions offering flexibility and efficiency. Third-party logistics (3PL) operations are outsourced warehousing solutions that allow companies to pay for the space they need with the flexibility to adjust as requirements change. A 3PL provider enables companies to focus on their core competencies and growth opportunities rather than managing areas outside their expertise.

Food-Grade 3PL Warehousing

For companies operating in the food industry, WOW Logistics offers unparalleled food safety standards.

WOW Logistics undergoes stringent ASI audits at all our locations. Notably, our 3PL infrastructure consistently scored 98 percent or above in our most recent ASI audit. This level of commitment to food safety is a major differentiator that gives our customers confidence in their supply chain and the security of their inventory.

The WOW Logistics® Difference

As experts in warehouse operations, WOW Logistics provides 3PL fulfillment solutions that deliver valuable, efficient, and cost-effective results. Our team of engineers establishes key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess facility performance and develop short and long-term strategies to drive efficiencies and reduce costs for our customers. We offer several storage options—from dry, ambient warehousing to cold storage in various temperatures. We also provide an online Customer Service Portal, which grants our customers 24/7 access to release orders, view invoices and trailer inspection records, and more.