Contract operations
drive down operating costs

Efficiently operating a distribution center requires the right people, processes, systems, and tools. However, investing in these areas is extremely costly and requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of warehouse operations.

Utilizing a shared or third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse is an option. However, companies compete for space availability, dock appointments, and material handling personnel in these scenarios. Outsourcing logistics to a contract operation service provider equips customers with dedicated staff, equipment, space, and technology.

WOW’s Solution

Reliable warehouse staff
and effective labor management

Hiring and managing a quality distribution center team in a tight labor market can be challenging. To do so, employees must be consistently and proactively managed to adhere to best practices, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and safety.

Contract warehousing relieves companies of this ongoing management burden. With WOW’s PPI team taking the lead on hiring, training, and managing personnel, warehouses see less employee turnover, improved safety, and better overall performance. Likewise, the team employs effective labor-management practices to ensure that the right resources are on staff to complete work efficiently.

Superior warehouse technology

While employees and SOPs guide warehouse operations, the warehouse management system (WMS) drives the overall efficiency. However, many manufacturing companies use enterprise resource planning systems that often neglect inventory management functionality and efficiency.

WOW Logistics has heavily invested in a WMS that delivers features and functionality tailored to efficient warehouse operations. Furthermore, our in-house team of software developers configure the system to match statements of work (SOW), automate SOPs, and meet specialized customer needs. With this technology, we can drive efficiency within an operation.

Flexible equipment and tools

There are significant upfront costs associated with material handling equipment (MHE), racking, radio frequency (RF) guns, computer networking, and other tools needed to run an efficient warehouse.

WOW Logistics’ PPI operations and engineering resources drive out unnecessary contract warehousing equipment expenses by analyzing product flow, labor productivity, and flexibility to accommodate potential business changes. Additionally, we assume the burden of the initial capital investment in equipment and amortize the expenditure over a longer period.

Choosing WOW Logistics as a contract operations partner provides dedicated personnel, technology resources, and equipment, reducing supply chain expenses and driving efficiency within your operation.


WOW’s Contract Operations service might be just one piece of your supply chain puzzle. We offer a solution set that strategically integrates our Contract Operations with our Build-to-Lease program and Technology Solutions to drive efficiency throughout your network.

Integrated Solution Set