More than just a
warehousing company

WOW Logistics® is an integrated supply chain solutions provider that offers services in five core business areas: Supply Chain Consulting, Operations, Real Estate Development, Inventory Financing, and Technology Solutions. Each area delivers solutions focused on improving our customers’ logistics challenges.

Supply Chain Consulting

Effective supply chain management is challenging without the right engineering capabilities and analytical tools in place. Pain points like limited dock space and inefficient workflows often strain resources, resulting in burnout and faulty project scopes.

WOW Logistics designs custom engineered solutions for new distribution facilities utilizing subject matter experts within its Project Planning & Implementation (PPI) team. Our specialists generate data-driven solutions engineered to deliver maximum efficiency. We are Better by Design.

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At our core, we are a company built on supply chain expertise. We go beyond simple third-party logistics warehousing to offer comprehensive solutions that solve our customers’ biggest operational problems.

Many companies choose to outsource storage due to lack of expertise and resources to efficiently manage their own warehouse facility. WOW Logistics is an industry-leading food-grade storage provider that ranks among the top 3PL providers in the US. We maintain an average score of 98% during our annual third-party warehouse audits. Our top-tier logistics technology and commitment to food safety make us an ideal partner for companies seeking ambient, refrigerated, and freezer warehousing solutions.

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Often, companies require dedicated space, equipment, technology, and personnel to manage their inventory. Without expertise in logistics and engineering, this can be a challenge for companies to manage in-house. Contract operations allow companies to outsource their warehousing needs with a guarantee of the space and resources required to run their operation efficiently.

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When the facilities within our infrastructure cannot provide the space or location our customers require, we find storage at one of our nationwide partner facilities through our Managed Warehouse Services program. Our partner warehouses have been vetted to ensure our customers’ products are stored with the same care they would receive in a WOW Logistics-run facility.

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WOW Logistics provides non-asset-based transportation brokerage services. Through our carrier partners, we have access to a wide variety of modes and specialized equipment, which means better lane coverage for our customers. We also offer a fully outsourced managed transportation service where we act as our customers’ transportation department—overseeing everything from lane procurement to billing. We manage our transportation business using an industry-leading TMS, which allows us to operate with greater efficiency.

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Real Estate

Companies in need of a storage facility often lack the internal expertise to design, engineer, and construct the building in an efficient and cost-effective manner. A lack of supply chain knowledge, including product flow optimization, racking configurations, and material handling equipment needs present additional challenges.

WOW Logistics utilizes its 40+ year history in building ambient, refrigerated, and light manufacturing warehouses to design and construct facilities in locations that make sense for our customers. We also finance the project so companies can lease a facility on a long-term basis and avoid the upfront expense that comes with a building project.

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Companies often have raw material inventory that requires extended time in storage before it can be converted into finished goods. By carrying the cost of this inventory, companies tie up large amounts of capital for long periods of time—capital that could otherwise be reallocated to fuel growth.

Through our WOW COMMODITY PURCHASE PROGRAM®, we provide a simple and more flexible alternative to traditional loans and asset-based lines of credit, so companies can invest money in their business that would otherwise be tied up in inventory.

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WOW Logistics’ technology platform runs on our powerful Warehouse Management System (WMS) and streamlines the process of moving products in and out of a facility. However, we know that running an efficient warehouse takes more than efficient inventory management.

Our Warehouse Execution System (WES) works with the WMS to manage other critical areas like contactless driver check-in, resource and equipment management, and standard operating procedure consistency.

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