Superior Warehouse Design

When it comes to efficient warehouse designs, companies often do not have the expertise to adequately engineer a new facility to fit their specific building and product requirements. WOW Logistics® does.

Our warehouse design process starts with an in-depth needs analysis performed by our build-to-lease team. With expertise in commercial construction and supply chain engineering, our “In-the-Box” approach prioritizes working side-by-side with customers to evaluate their existing facilities and operations. During this assessment, we identify inventory data, product flow, storage requirements, racking, and MHE needs. After WOW’s analysis, the warehouse engineering process begins. Our team designs a facility to function at peak efficiency based on the customer’s unique requirements.

WOW’s Solution

Cost-effective Warehouse Construction

Site selection is the first step of warehouse construction and often generates the most significant variable expenses. Between municipal requirements and excavation fees, site costs can vary drastically. Additionally, companies must manage development agreements associated with municipal and state incentive programs.

WOW Logistics’ Real Estate Development team oversees the entire site selection process. They utilize a 48-point analytical tool combined with exceptional warehouse engineering resources to perform a network analysis. This process ensures an efficiently located new facility. Furthermore, we engage with local and state government agencies to create a competitive bidding process between municipalities to secure significant incentive agreements.

In addition, when it is time to build, we will engage our construction partners from across the country through a competitive RFP process. Our partners are experts in building ambient, refrigerated, and light manufacturing warehouses. WOW Logistics provides quality facilities in the right location and at the best value for our customers.

Complete Infrastructure Financing

Companies often allocate their capital spending toward initiatives associated with their core competencies in manufacturing. As a result, many companies choose to secure warehouse space via an industrial lease.

WOW Logistics provides infrastructure financing to companies that need to expand their warehouse storage and are willing to commit to a long-term industrial lease. Our build-to-lease program takes the stress out of capital building projects and offers companies a far more cost-effective solution.

WOW’s Build-to-Lease program might be just one piece of your supply chain puzzle. We offer a solution set that strategically integrates our Build-to-Lease program with our Contract Operations service and Technology Solutions to drive efficiency throughout your network.

Integrated Solution Set