We turn inventory into cash

Companies often have raw material inventory that requires extended time in storage before it can be converted into finished goods. By carrying the cost of this inventory, companies tie up large amounts of capital for long periods of time—capital that could otherwise be reallocated to fuel growth. Likewise, out-of-pocket transportation and storage expenses further impact cash flow.

Traditional loans and asset-based lines of credit (ABLs) free up a portion of that captive cash, but not all of it. They also involve complicated contracts that are difficult to obtain and manage, and their compound interest makes them costly. Furthermore, business owners are required to make monthly payments in addition to warehousing and transportation expenses, and often must provide a personal guarantee. Due to these difficulties, traditional loans and ABLs may address a need, but they do not solve the problem.

The WOW COMMODITY PURCHASE PROGRAM® eliminates the need for companies to use their internal capital to fund inventory. We purchase product at 100% of its value and require no monthly payments, including storage and handling costs, until the product sells and ships.

The ease of the WOW COMMODITY PURCHASE PROGRAM® allows our customers to put cash that would have otherwise been tied up in inventory directly towards strategic initiatives.