We make finding
warehouse space look easy

In today’s market, storage space is hard to come by—and managing a network of third-party warehouses is exceptionally complicated. Finding quality warehouses in efficient locations, as well as maintaining those third-party logistics (3PL) relationships, requires a team of experts who understand:

  • Warehouse availability research and price negotiation
  • Contract administration and negotiation
  • Warehouse legal liability
  • Rate renewals and negotiations
  • Material handling operations expertise
  • Transportation network engineering
  • Food-grade safety
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Many companies do not have in-house personnel, processes, systems, and tools to manage these areas efficiently. They rely on a logistics manager who often does not have a network of 3PL providers outside of their day-to-day suppliers. They spend much of their time reacting to fluctuating inventory levels and finding space in sometimes unfamiliar geographies. This ad-hoc approach leads to utilizing warehouses in inefficient locations, increased costs in transportation, wasted time in contract negotiations, and unnecessary legal liability.

WOW Logistics® has built a database of hundreds of warehouses across the United States in a variety of geographic locations. We have standing contracts with over 90 of these storage facilities, which means the legal complexities that come with a new contractual relationship have already been addressed. This network, as well as our knowledge of market conditions and general warehouse availability, is used to find our customers warehouse space quickly and at competitive rates.

Not only does WOW Logistics find our customers warehouse space in locations that make sense with their supply chain, but we also manage every aspect of those relationships, including:

  • Contract administration and negotiations
  • Rate renewals
  • Insurance coverage
  • Billing
  • Enforcing SOPs and much more

Outsourcing these tasks to an expert leaves our customers with just one point of contact and one invoice to pay for their entire 3PL network—allowing them to focus on their core competency.

DISCLAIMER: In no event shall WOW Logistics, as part of its Managed Warehouse Services, be liable for any loss of or damage to products being stored at a 3PL warehouse provider.