WOW Logistics® promotes Bill Myers to Chief Technology Officer

December 8, 2021 Published by Becky Barclay

WOW Logistics® recently promoted Bill Myers to Chief Technology Officer.

Myers started with WOW Logistics in 2019 as Director of Software Development, bringing with him more than two decades of expertise. In late 2020, he was promoted to Vice President of Technology where he oversaw IT infrastructure, Software Development, Product Management, and Support. Myers developed and managed infrastructure and software that scaled with WOW Logistics and its clients, ensuring exceptional customer service.

As Chief Technology Officer, Myers is also responsible for strategizing and optimizing new and existing solutions for improving customer experience, implementing competitive services, providing clear technology and product process roadmaps, and ensuring system availability, data protection, and security.

“Bill has been instrumental in the evolution of our software development and success. The combination of his business acumen, technological vision, and pragmatic approach to problem solving, system development, and management will continue to drive the advancement of our system platforms and strategic direction,” said Howard Kamerer, President and CEO.

Myers’s short-term goal is to continue improving data tools to provide automated insights.

“By automating data analysis patterns, we can accelerate targeted improvements and prevent process exception,” said Myers.

His future objective is to offer a new warehouse technology system to customers that will bring management and visibility to key performance indicators across an entire warehouse.

“This single, supply chain-wide platform will execute operations as well as monitor performance, set goals, and manage change,” stated Myers. “Good technology starts with clearly understood needs and is enhanced with a great team, focus, and innovation.  As a result, we see the creation of solutions that drive efficiency and continuous operational improvement.”

Prior to WOW Logistics, Myers was the Director of Product Management at Hoonuit, creating cloud based predictive modeling and analytic software for education agencies. He also led the development of Business Intelligence services for Alta Resources, servicing Fortune 50 clients to grow their businesses by using analytics to improve order fulfillment and customer service.

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