Continuous Improvement and Your Supply Chain

February 18, 2021 Published by Becky Barclay

Continuous Improvement and Your Supply Chain

More than ever, companies want their supply chain to operate at an optimum level without unnecessary expenses. The supply chain is one of the most significant cost centers in an organization. It’s a complicated entity requiring regular checkups on its many moving parts. Keeping up with industry trends and market demands makes it necessary for constant innovation and improvement. An efficient supply chain network makes the best use of technology and resources and minimizes costs. Implementing a continuous improvement plan for your supply chain may seem daunting, but it often produces a worthwhile ROI.

Given the complexity involved, supply chain optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. While there are some proven techniques, there is no uniform approach.

Uncovering Inefficiencies in Your Supply Chain

To locate weak points within your company’s supply chain, you must analyze every aspect of the network. This in-depth evaluation will uncover opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Product flow
  • Shipping and receiving processes
  • Order picking
  • Inventory control
  • Facility layout and racking configurations
  • Personnel and product safety
  • Technology
  • Visibility and reporting
  • Workflow and labor efficiencies

Pinpointing these supply chain inefficiencies is challenging, especially when logistics isn’t your core competency and you lack time, expertise, and analytical tools.

Supply chain consulting is often the best option for identifying areas where your supply chain is underperforming. Supply chain consultants are experts at streamlining networks and implementing strategies to achieve company goals.

WOW Logistics’ Supply Chain Health Check

WOW Logistics is a company built on supply chain expertise. For more than 40 years, we have been delivering integrated logistics solutions that drive efficiency within operations. Our consulting service deploys a team of experienced engineers to analyze your supply chain to uncover inefficiencies. This analysis encompasses warehousing, distribution, transportation management, facility layout, and logistics technology. Because of their knowledge in warehouse operations, our engineers are uniquely qualified to create the most efficient warehouse layouts and recommend how to strategically utilize open space. Our method is centered on processes and drives efficiency and cost reductions while balancing business requirements.

When the assessment is complete, we produce a report outlining factors significantly impacting performance. This final report is a detailed roadmap prioritizing improvement opportunities based on an estimated ROI and capital and resource requirements. From there, you can choose to tackle the recommended improvements yourself or enlist our team of engineers to help with implementation.  On average our analyses result in a 10 percent savings in total supply chain costs for customers.

WOW Logistics other service offerings, such as technology solutions, real estate development, and contract operations can help your business achieve peak efficiency within your supply chain.

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