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Contract Operations

Expert facility management is critical for cracking the code of your supply chain. WOW Logistics Contract Operations service draws from years of experience to implement the right resources for efficient operations.

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Hiring and managing a quality distribution center team in a tight labor market can be challenging. Employees must be consistently and proactively managed to adhere to best practices, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and safety.

A contract operation relieves companies of this on-going management burden. When WOW Logistics hires, trains, and manages personnel, warehouses see less employee turnover, improved safety, and stronger overall performance.

Equipment and Tools

There are significant upfront costs associated with material handling equipment (MHE), racking, radio frequency (RF) guns, computer networking, and other tools needed to run an efficient warehouse.

Solving a Rubik’s cube is nearly impossible without a plan guiding you to success. With this tool in place, you can evaluate what moves to make. Likewise, WOW Logistics’ operations and engineering resources drive out unnecessary equipment expenses by analyzing product flow. Additionally, we assume the burden of initial capital investment in equipment and can amortize the expenditure over a longer period.


WOW Logistics leverages more than 40 years of operations expertise to create processes and procedures to guide employees through the most efficient workflow and drive consistency throughout your supply chain. In addition to this extensive library of proven SOPs, we utilize safety protocols and training programs to address unsafe behaviors at the cause and create a culture focused on safety.

These processes and protocols are validated and automated within our warehouse management system (WMS). Our in-house team of software developers configure the system to match statements of work (SOW) and automate SOPs. A dashboard of key performance indicators (KPIs) and push notifications enables real-time operational decisions and improvements, streamlining your facility.