Top Five Things to look for in a Transportation Broker

January 7, 2021 Published by Becky Barclay

Transportation management is an integral part of a logistics strategy and accounts for the most significant supply chain management expenses. Adopting a cost-effective transportation plan is essential to any company’s success; however, managing such a vital logistics branch in-house is complicated and requires specific expertise and tools. Outsourcing transportation management makes it easy to maintain a consistent, streamlined program.

This blog summarizes the top five things to look for in a quality transportation broker:

1. Strict Vetting Process

The best transportation brokers are diligent about vetting their carriers before contracting with them. This process involves researching a carrier’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rating, which provides a snapshot of their safety performance, including a company overview, crash history, and inspections. It is equally vital to monitor carriers to ensure quality remains high consistently, motor carrier numbers remain valid, and other requirements continue to be met. Ask a prospective broker what their carrier vetting and reevaluation process looks like.

2. Multiple Service Options

As a general rule of thumb, look for a transportation brokerage partner with carriers offering multiple transportation options, even if you do not currently use the services. This practice prevents you from having to look for a new company if your needs change. A broker with comprehensive services will offer the two primary forms of road transportation, Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL). Additionally, various types of trailers serve different needs, including dry van, refrigerated, food-grade, and equipment to handle heavy loads. The last thing you want to do is repeat the evaluation process after finding a broker you trust.

3. Quality Customer Service

When unexpected changes occur, an accessible broker is essential, especially if your shipments are time-sensitive. When evaluating companies, ask them how their customer service is structured. How do you get a hold of them after regular business hours? What about last-minute needs?

4. Insurance and Regulations

It is crucial to find a transportation broker familiar with freight’s various risks and, as a result, requires their carrier partners to hold comprehensive insurance policies. Protection from incidents like damage claims and regulatory compliance violations is essential to any transportation program.

5. Experience and Expertise

Because transportation is such a large portion of supply chain expenses, selecting an experienced broker with a knowledgeable staff will drive cost reductions and efficiency. Experience is a good indicator of stability and demonstrates that the broker likely has the tools and personnel to handle any obstacle.

WOW Logistics’ Transportation Solutions

WOW Logistics is a non-asset transportation broker that delivers two transportation solutions: brokerages services and a fully outsourced managed transportation solution. WOW maintains an expansive network of reliable carriers who meet our strict safety and insurance requirements. We can provide a wide variety of transportation modes and specialized equipment and have in-house, dedicated customer support 24/7 with immediate access to load information. We are experts in food-grade transportation regulations, and our team of TIA Certified Transportation Brokers takes the time to become an extension of the companies we serve. Our top-tier Transportation Management System (TMS) provides full visibility to a customer’s transportation data. Our commitment to quality and customer service makes us a valuable transportation brokerage partner.

WOW Logistics’ transportation brokerage is just one service available within our integrated supply chain solutions. We also offer inventory financing, technology solutions, and warehouse services.

Learn more about WOW Logistics by exploring our website.