What are the benefits of design-build?

October 6, 2020 Published by Becky Barclay

What is design-build?

Design-build is a project delivery method where a real estate developer works under a single contract with a client to provide both design and construction services. Developing a property this way streamlines a project and creates a unified workflow from site selection through completion. Its alternative, often referred to as design-bid-build, provides a less efficient approach requiring more management from the client.

What are the benefits of a design-build?

Choosing a design-build allows clients to make better informed decisions and realize greater value.  This innovative approach has several advantages over its alternatives, such as:

  • Cost-Savings – Project costs are defined from the onset and less resources are wasted because there is clear visibility of every project component.
  • Efficient Project Completion – An increased level of collaboration and transparency streamlines the entire project. Additionally, a schedule can be created prior to the finalization of the design – resulting in faster project completion with fewer unforeseen problems.
  • Single Source Management – Singular responsibility and accountability creates a continuity in workflow that drives performance in every aspect of the project resulting in an overall higher quality outcome.

WOW Logistics’ Build-to-Lease Solution

WOW Logistics’ Build-to-Lease Program sets us apart from most design-build firms. Not only do we have more than 40 years of experience designing and constructing warehouses and light manufacturing facilities, but we also offer 100% project financing so our clients can avoid the upfront cost of construction. WOW delivers efficient facilities constructed and customized to our customers’ unique requirements. Our Build-to-Lease solution includes:

  • Effective Project Management – WOW Logistics manages the entire process including design, construction services, layout, size and scale requirements, and equipment, resulting in a warehouse created to function at peak efficiency.
  • Optimal Site Location – WOW will conduct a Network Study to determine the optimal location for your facility based on geological efficiencies, transportation costs, and distribution requirements.
  • Engineering Expertise – WOW’s engineering team works closely with customers to identify inventory data, product flow, storage requirements, and proper racking and material handling equipment to maximize facility efficiencies.
  • 100% Project Financing – WOW will cover the upfront costs of construction so customers can allocate their capital toward more strategic initiatives.

Our Build-to-Lease program is just one service within WOW Logistics’ integrated supply chain service offerings. We also offer solutions focused on warehouse operations, transportation brokerage, and inventory financing.

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