What is a Warehouse Execution System?

April 27, 2021 Published by Becky Barclay

A warehouse execution system (WES) is a software application that optimizes facility management. A WES typically integrates with a warehouse management system (WMS), an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or other inventory management software to manage and direct physical work processes. Like a WMS, the system facilitates receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory movement. However, it also includes functionality to manage the following:

  • Replenishment execution
  • Automated processes
  • Resource management
  • Slotting

Why integrate a WES?

Streamlined supply chain execution is a must in today’s logistics landscape. A WES offers a more comprehensive system that brings end-to-end visibility to a new level. A robust WES can bridge many of the functionality gaps within a WMS, such as automation components, which provide real-time data on equipment use, labor coordination, and other crucial key performance indicators (KPIs). This functionality reduces unnecessary spending and liability within a facility.

Benefits of a WES

Integrating a WES improves productivity, efficiency, and overall product and activity flow drastically at a distribution center. One of its unique features is the ability to manage inventory replenishment. This element is vital in warehouses with limited space or storing inventory with tight expiration dates. Order fulfillment processing capabilities track products and optimally match them to orders, ensuring traceability and increasing inventory and order accuracy.

WOW Logistics’ Warehouse Execution System Solution

Warehouse management is the foundation of WOW Logistics’ business. We leveraged this expertise to develop a WES, integrated with our WMS, that creates consistency across an organization to streamline operations. We continue to extensively test and research enhancements using feedback from the warehouse teams who use the system every day. Our purpose-built WES includes the following benefits:

  • A centralized library of proven standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Incident management systems and integrated key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Integration of trailer inspections and equipment maintenance directly into the work process
  • Contactless driver check-in capabilities
  • Labor management module to prioritize work and effectively scale labor

WOW’s effective WES is just one service within our integrated supply chain solutions. We also provide services in real estate development, Contract Operations, and transportation brokerage.

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