A warehouse execution system (WES) is a software application that optimizes facility management. A WES typically integrates with a warehouse management system (WMS), an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), or other inventory management software to manage and direct physical work processes. Like a WMS, the system facilitates receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory movement. However, it… Read More
A food-grade warehouse is a specialized facility that provides different types of storage for food products, including ambient, refrigerated, and frozen space. These facilities adhere to precise Federal, State, and local guidelines to operate and must also undergo rigorous evaluation by food safety management systems like the Safe Quality Food Institute or ASI Food Safety…. Read More
Continuous Improvement and Your Supply Chain More than ever, companies want their supply chain to operate at an optimum level without unnecessary expenses. The supply chain is one of the most significant cost centers in an organization. It’s a complicated entity requiring regular checkups on its many moving parts. Keeping up with industry trends and… Read More